Here Comes the 3D Printer Backpack

3D Print on the go with this 3D Printer Backpack from MakeX.  Now you can go camping and take your 3D Printer with you.  Take your designs with you for the parts you might need to place and go trekking.

MakeX announces the first 3D-printing backpack

This wild, see-through backpack is designed to hold a Migo 3D Printer (the thing MakeX is actually trying to sell). The backpack fits the Migo perfectly and offers the maximum visibility for your 3D printer thanks to the clear hardshell outer casing.

The printer itself is fairly standard. It prints ABS or PLA plastic and includes modeling software. It weighs about 4 pounds and has a 100x120x100 mm build envelope which means you can print things like smaller action figures and other fun models. Early birds get the printer for $219 and backpack will be a $70 add-on.

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