Communicating at Twice the Speed of Light Thanks to Quantum Physics

One particle of light will enable a conversation to take place, thanks to quantum computing.  The theoretical breakthrough could lead to communications between two entities that is twice as fast as the speed of light.

From Newsweek

Quantum Physics Cracks Secret to Sending Secure Information at Twice the Speed of Light

Our world is all about information, so perhaps it’s no surprise that quantum physicists think about how they can manipulate their field to send information faster. And in a pair of recent papers, a team of quantum scientists have outlined a way to do just that—and in a way that no wannabe spy could ever listen in on.

The gist of the technique feels a bit like the famous riddle in which two guards—one of whom always tells the truth and one of whom always lies—protect two doors, one of which hides a tiger. The trick is to always ask what the other guard would say: that way, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve asked the truthful guard or the lying one, you have precisely one lie and one truth in the answer, so you can work backwards to avoid the tiger.

…’s where the new research speeds things up. Quantum physics means that the same particle can be—as one of the researchers told Live Science—essentially “in two places at the same time.”

That nifty trick means two people can communicate with just one particle of light in which both people have encoded their message.


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