Composition in Black

Composition in black

That river which you knew

it had a section of black

outlined by frosted moss.


The distance we imagine when

upon the bank

that slow drone reach’d us

from the river’s whispering.

We speak.

We small rocks, we living things,

we bits of mud,

we curling waves.

A distance up ahead the river

turns black, then

nothing more is said ‘cept

for that little bit repeating

‘bout the distant black ahead.

Would you be sad for it?

A bit of black?

Think of the wings splayed,

giving air a soft shelf to lift.

The luster there in those

flapping things hid what a black

gulf lay

just within that winged tumult.


at the crook of it where wing

meets body.


do we destroy ourselves for such

small space of black?

or travel on…..

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