Congress Takes Regulatory Aim At Social Media

It’s Time to Stop Evil Big Social

It seems the boys and girls of DC have found a reason to come together and join hands in a fitting symbol of unity that is sure to warm the cockles of the hearts of those who welcome a shorter leash.

The boys and girls I am talking about are the narcistic, megalomaniacal 535 or so members of congress who believe that a few hundred people can get together and come up with rules of engagement that will be dictated to over 300 million people.

Really, for any article that I write about legislators preparing to take action on any matter I could EASILY begin with those opening paragraphs, because it’s always true.  In this case, beginning this article with those paragraphs is especially true given the nature of the ‘matter’ these 535 yahoos are finding themselves coming together to address.

The matter being taken up is this, how do ‘we’ handle these social medias?  Why, they’re getting so big that we cannot control the narrative as easily as we once did.  Plus, the owners of these platforms appear to want to use these platforms to push their own particular agendas and that’s….not cool, man, not cool at all.

The MSM, which is to the free press what Volkswagen was to the free market in Nazi Germany (for those playing along at home, Volkswagen was independently owned, but controlled by the Hitler regime nonetheless), is taking to referring to the targets of these 535 interlopers of liberty as Big Social.  That’s right, you know you’re evil when the media starts referring to you as big something, like big business or big gov…wait, not that.

Now, it is true that the 535 wanna-be bosses of 300 plus million people are coming together against “Big Social,” but they are coming at it from different angles, from the so-called left and the so-called right.  The fact that “Big Social” is in the cross-hairs of both parties means there will be plenty of compromise as both sides come together to write legislation that will create an army of Big Social Regulators which will assure that “Big Social” doesn’t do those things that the Dems and the Republicans don’t want it to do.

Of course, the efforts to keep up with what will be ever-shifting regulations will cost money.  The efforts to lobby congress members and regulators to make the kind of regulatory changes that will advantage your company will also cost money.  For this reason, I’m willing to bet my brother’s collection of helmets (he loves that collection, so I am REALLY going big on this one) that Big Social will embrace these regulations because they will do what so many other regulations do, they will raise the cost of doing business, thus assuring that the chances of alternative social media platforms emerging are reduced perhaps exponentially.

For the Democrats, Facebook has ticked them off recently by allowing foreign agents to purchase ads clandestinely in an effort to affect the 2016 Elections.  That’s not right, because the US should be the only country that uses social media to try to affect the outcomes of elections in other countries.  That’s just a self-evident truth right there it sure is, a duh moment, if you will.

As Big Media writes (you see what I did there, right?) congress just wants to stop Big Social from allowing the evil Russians to spread their fake news and buy their ads that help them spread their propaganda.  The 535 pre-selected and then sort-of-but-not-really ‘elected’ wanna-be rulers over 300 plus million people just want to protect us from our own idiocy.

Keep the dangerous propaganda off our feeds and streams and whatnot so that we don’t get brainwashed by a nation-state trying to tell us how to think, act, and, gasp, even vote (that’s OUR job, thank you very much).

Now the Dems, they just don’t want a Hillary 2.0, where they run a fantastic candidate, one who goes about the business of alienating half the voting population by calling them deplorables, bigots, and unredeemable, and, despite all that fantasticness (it’s a real word now, trust me), they get done in by Russians on Facebook.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner told the press, “As more and more dollars are being spent on these digital platforms, we may need legislation to require more disclosure about political ads running on social media, the way we do for television ads. … [T]he ads you may see on Facebook are not public and are targeted narrowly to users based on different variables — making disclosure and transparency even more vital.”

The Republicans, why, they just want to assure that no foreign nation-state has the power to use the social medias to propagandize to any American.  Pay no attention to the army of trolls the US Government pays to get on Big Social and push a pro-gov agenda.  That’s totally cool because it’s like us doing it to ourselves.

It’s kind of like this.  Don’t beat my kids, I’ll beat my kids.  It’s cool if I beat my kids because I know the kind of beatings they need.  And besides, they’re my kids, not yours.

But the Republicans are also upset with Big Social because, well, frankly, their selective targeting of offensive, hateful speech seems to strategically target conservative views.  I would have to say these guys have a point, but we are talking about a privately-owned entity, not a state-run public space.

Big Social does seem to be primarily run by the Progressive, Social Justice, Save the world by making everyone think like a liberal kind of folks so maybe the government should get involved to protect the republicans and the conservatives from this kind of market pressure.

There ought to be a law!  Wait, maybe you could build your own alternative platforms?  Or maybe you could write laws to stop Big Social from using their privately-owned platforms to advance the agenda they want to advance.  That last part sounds much easier.  Also, it has the added benefit of not creating more social media platforms that could diffuse the opportunities for 535 wanna-be rulers over 300 plus million people to more easily control and monitor the social media activities of its 300 plus million kids (congratulations, we found your moms and dads everyone, they’re congress peoples).

This talk of reigning in the out-of-control leviathan known as Big Social will only be increasing over the coming weeks and months.  You will begin to see stories covered by Big Media that highlight abuses by Social Media, dangers of Social Media, as they attempt to propagandize to the kids in an effort to get them to accept the notion that their moms and dads in DC need to regulate Big Social because Big Social is bad, m’kay, and they need protected from Big Social by Big Gov, the only Big that is benevolently big.

For my part, I don’t need another set of moms and dads, and I don’t need to be protected from my thoughts, or from the thoughts of others.  And yeah, as much as I abhor the neo-liberal tactics being deployed by Big Social, I would rather not open the door for Big Gov to come riding in to ostensibly protect me.

When you invite wolves in to protect you from dogs, eventually the wolves turn on you.  In this case, Big Gov is much worse, much more ruthless than wolves.

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