Cop Shoots Sleeping Neighbor, Found Not Guilty

Cop Sleeps with Gun, Wakes Up, Accidently Shoots Neighbor Through Apartment Walls

Apparently, when you’re a cop, you can sleep with you gun and accidently fire it, hitting your neighbor, who goes through months of therapy to recovery, but still be found not guilty of doing anything wrong.  The cop in question is no longer a cop, but he’s also not a convict even though, arguably, he should be.


A Brazoria County jury on Tuesday acquitted a former police officer for accidentally shooting his sleeping neighbor through their shared apartment wall……

The trial was just as bizarre and unusual as the shooting, which McInnis repeatedly told investigators happened as his alarm awoke him for work at 4 a.m. on Jan. 30, 2016…..

Rossow, who is black, lived in the adjacent apartment with his wife and son, Noah. While Noah often sleeps in bed with his father, Rossow was alone in his bed when he was shot. He awoke to a “pop,” he said, then felt blood on his back and awoke his wife, asking her to call 9-1-1…….

“I opened my eyes and heard it go off, heard the discharge,” the former officer said. “That’s what woke me up, and I guess I had my hand on the gun or finger on the trigger and it went off.”

…..McInnis resigned from the department in February of 2016. The Clute Police Department investigated the shooting and recommended no charges. But the case also went before a grand jury, which in June returned an indictment stating that McInnis was reckless in shooting his firearm through the wall.

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