Cop that Shot, Killed Librarian in Training Exercise Now Suing over PTSD

Do you remember the Florida cop that accidently shot and killed a woman during a community outreach training sessions?  Well, he didn’t face any real consequences for his actions, and now, the man behind the accidental killing of a librarian, Mary Kowlton, is getting ready to sue the Punta Gorda Police Department because they won’t give him disability for the PTSD he claims he has from the shooting.

This is a man who was grossly negligent in not doing a basic safety check of a gun before he pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger.  He now wants a monetary reward for killing a woman.  It’s not enough he didn’t spend any time in jail for, at the very least, being pretty clearly guilty of involuntary manslaughter for not taking the extra obvious and extra easy step of doing a safety check of a gun.

Ex-cop demands disability pension for PTSD after shooting dead a retired librarian, 73, during a training exercise gone 

The ex-Punta Gorda police officer who shot and killed a retired librarian during a training exercise in 2016 has demanded that his department grant him a disability pension for PTSD.

Lee Coel filed a lawsuit on November 21 against the Punta Gorda Police Department for refusing to give him the disability pension for post-traumatic stress he claims he suffered after the shooting of Mary Knowlton, according to the Herald Tribune.

Earlier this year, harrowing footage of the August 9, 2016, shooting showed the moment 73-year-old Knowlton was shot dead in front of her husband during the training exercise.

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