Taking the You out of YouTube – The Birth of CorpTube

YouTube Rejects the You and Commits to Becoming Platform for the Corporate Media

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If you do a No-Filter Search on YouTube for the phrase “Las Vegas Shooting,” as of today, Thursday, October 26th, 2017, what you will find is a list of videos that come from Mainstream news channels and mainstream news shows.

Not until you get down to video #81, do you find a non-Mainstream-created video, from Viralhog, called “Las Vegas Festival Shooting.”

At #96, we get a video from HighImpactFlix called “WTH!?! Video of Stephen Paddock Alive AFTER Las Vegas Shooting???”

That’s it in the top 100, two videos in the “Las Vegas Shooting” search, with no filters, that are created by non-mainstream-media content creators.

Now, if you do a search of “Las Vegas Shooting” with the filter for view count (meaning, the videos with the most views will come up), you get, in the top 10 alone, 5 videos created by non-mainstream-media content creators.

No doubt the video views of the Mainstream content creators were helped by YouTube’s intentional promotion of them, having purposely curated the search results not to produce what actual YouTube viewers were looking at, or even wanted to find, but simply filtering out most non-mainstream-media content creators from the hot search results.

In addition to that, YouTube also hand-curated its Trending Videos, placing Jimmy Kimmel’s anti-human, anti-liberty, anti-gun nonsense rant at number one when, at the time, it was clear from the view counts his video was nowhere near number one in terms of actual virality.  The constant promotion of the video, however, did help the video now get past the 9 million-mark, and it now shows up as #1 in the “Las Vegas Shooting” search with the view count filter on.

What’s more, as many content creators have pointed out, Jimmy Kimmel’s highly politicized video in which he basically accuses anyone who supports the ‘right to bear arms’ of murder by proxy (pretty hateful speech right there if you ask me) has NOT been demonetized.  But anyone else, outside of the mainstream media, that creates content on the Las Vegas Shooting has seen their videos demonetized, myself included (and no doubt the video that I will create from this article will also be demonetized).

Now, before anyone accuses me of being a conspiracy theorist, let me share an excerpt from this story featured in USA Today from October 5th, 2017:
YouTube has changed its powerful search algorithm to promote videos from more mainstream news outlets in search results after people looking for details on the Las Vegas shooting were served up conspiracy theories and misinformation.
YouTube confirmed the changes Thursday. It didn’t say how it decides which news sources are authoritative.
In the days after the mass shooting, videos abounded on YouTube, some questioning whether the shooting occurred and others claiming law enforcement officials had deceived the public about what really happened.
Searching for “Las Vegas shooting” on YouTube led many people to these videos, some of which claimed it was a “false flag,” a term conspiracy theorists use to refer to mass shootings they believe were staged by the government to promote gun control.
Here you have YouTube telling its viewers and content creators (the overwhelming majority of which are non-mainstream-media content creators) that if and when there are major stories, you can expect to find content from ABC News, NBC News, Time, etc, not Sargon of Akkad, not Contrapoints, not Tim Pool, and certainly not InfoWars.  YouTube is also telling its viewers that it knows better than you the type of content that you should be finding.

You also have YouTube telling its non-mainstream-media creators that if they hope to make any real money on YouTube, stop making videos that address the major news stories of the day, because they will promptly demonetize your videos.  They will not, however, demonetize videos by ABC News, NBC News, etc.

To put this more simply, YouTube has decided to take the You out of YouTube and replace it with Corp, as in Corporation.  The entities that are increasingly finding a significant advantage on the YouTube platform are corporations.  The very reason that YouTube became what it is today, the largest video sharing platform, at least in the West, if not the world, is because of the YOU part of it.

I know I myself find little use in watching mainstream media videos.  I go to YouTube for content created by people outside of the halls of the corporate media.  Even for people who actually still value corporate media, they can find their shows readily enough on cable tv, in apps, even on YouTube TV, so why would they want or need YouTube to view videos they can view almost anywhere else?

YouTube has decided, for one reason or another (see my video, which will be included in this article, for some of my theories on why that is), to turn away from the You and turn toward the Corp.  YouTube is hellbent on making their platform corporate-friendly.  It will no longer be the wild and wooly independent creator home that made it what it is today.  It will become just another mainstream content outlet.

Whether their strategy works or not remains to be seen.  Perhaps, even with a smaller audience (which I have no doubt will be the result of this move towards the corporate content creators), they will do what they have not been able to do since their inception, turn a profit.

Even if they do (and I doubt they will), YouTube has opened the door for video platforms that stay committed to the You in the Tube, platforms like Bitchute and DTube (I’ve linked my channels on both those platforms). If their intent is beyond merely trying to change to make a profit, if their intent is to somehow restore the great corporate filters of content that existed before such platforms as YouTube emerged, I suspect they will fundamentally fail in the same way that the previous controllers of information, the Church and the State, failed to stop the flow of information when the Printing Press came into being.

The genie is out of the bottle.  Pandora’s box is opened.  The age of the corporate/state gatekeepers over information is over.  There is no stopping the free flow of information, even “dangerous” information.  With the birth and rise of CorpTube (which, I believe, will be a short-lived experiment), will come the birth and rise of multiple platforms to replace what YouTube once was and is fast no longer being, a platform for independent content creators whose only filter is the one applied by individuals, not corporatists, not state regulators making the decisions of filtering for vast numbers of people.

The Queen, the King is Dead.  YouTube is no more. CorpTube has taken its place.  Long live the NEW Kings and Queens.

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