Couple Exposed Trying to Hide Home Behind Fake Garage Door

You can’t blame this British couple for trying to hide their business from the prying eyes of a regulatory busy-body bureaucracy.  They went to great lengths to conceal their domestic living arrangements from a local town government.

They put a fake garage door in front of their home to conceal their home from the regulators, but, alas, the clever concealing act was discovered.

The council rained down its terror of fines and now all is ‘well’ once again in the sleepy town of Leicester.

Couple fined for using fake garage door to hide house in Leicester

A couple have been fined after using a fake garage door and high fence to hide a residential property from a council.

Reeta Herzallah and Hamdi Almasri breached planning regulations and were caught in October 2015, Blaby district council said.

Planning permission was granted for a development in 2007, with conditions stating that car-parking facilities, including the garage, should remain available permanently.

At Leicester magistrates court, Herzallah and Almasri, of Enderby, Leicestershire, were each ordered to pay a £770 fine, legal costs of £1,252 and a £77 victim surcharge.

The garage will be restored to its former use after follow-up visits by the council resulted in the discovery of a series of planning breaches.


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