Crypto-Anarchist Building BitCoin Economy for Embattled Stateless Land

If you haven’t heard of the experiment going on in Syria called Rojava, let me introduce you to an experiment in statelenessness that has been going strong for 4 years now.  I’ll introduce you to Rojava, an experiment we promise we will be tracking regularly here on iState, through Amir Taaki, a self-described ‘crypto anarchst’ who is working to create a bitcoin economy for Rojava, which, as you can imagine, faces embargos from its neighbors.

Here is an excerpt from a story that features the crypto-anarchist in the

British-Iranian hacker Amir Taaki is one of Middle East’s most infamous bitcoin enthusiasts. He created one of the first bitcoin-powered dark net markets while squatting in abandoned London apartments. After the self-taught engineer got listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2014 for his entrepreneurship in the nascent cryptocurrency industry, Taaki traveled to Iraq to join the fight against the Islamic State. He is the living definition of “crypto anarchist. ”

“My fellow anarchists were fighting the most disgusting type of Islamic fascism, and it was my duty to help them,” Taaki told Wired. He eventually made his way to a Syrian region predominately populated by Kurdish communities. Wherever Taaki went, he spread the gospel of bitcoin. CoinDesk reported Taaki is now working on a new project to create a bitcoin-centric economy in northern Syria. He plans to start an educational hacker collective as the first step toward building a decentralized, crypto-centric economy in a war-torn region of Syria called Rojava.

“Rojava’s under embargo, so there’s no way to move money in or out. So we have to actually create our own Bitcoin economies,” Taaki told the BBC. “Now we have a technological tool for people to freely organize outside state system. Because it is a currency not controlled by central banks.”

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