Crypto-Based Social Media App to Pay You to Post

Get paid to troll….on the social medias.  Well, you can get paid for your time on one specific social media app, APPICS, which is built on the STEEM blockchain.  The app will launch its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) this coming Wednesday, March 28th, 2018.

The app will pay you in cryptocurrency for posting content that generates results (like shares, likes comments).  It is not unlike what already exists, but not in app form, on Steemit (see my Steemit account by clicking here), a blog platform that rewards you with Steem Power when you get upvotes and comments.


New Social Media App on the STEEM Blockchain Hopes to Bring Crypto to New User Base

APPICS is following in the footsteps of others who have used crypto to reward those who post popular content, but will completely revolutionize the  concept by paying ordinary users as well, returning the value of the network back to the content creators and curators.

The start-up, which has its ICO set for 28 March and plans to launch its app in alpha mode in Q3 2018, hopes to introduce the average social media user to the crypto world with an easy user experience and the  promise of a more generous and transparent distribution of rewards.

It claims that, unlike on other popular social media sites which are run in the interests of shareholders, “APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share, as well as influence in the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token”.

The company says: “APPICS is more than just a mobile app that lets users monetize their posts and even their voting. APPICS is a revolutionary social mobile app that lets anyone without prior crypto-knowledge benefit from blockchain technology effortlessly.”

In its white paper, the company hints that its app will most resemble photo blogging site Instagram as it aims for a simple, visual approach which it believes has proven most popular with the world’s almost 2.8 billion social media users.

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