DA Doubles Down on Defense of Controversial Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Calhoun County, Alabama District Attorney Brian McVeigh makes the case for preserving confiscating assets from individuals before they’ve been convicted of a crime.

Just remember, he is, at the end of the day, no matter his reasoning, simply defending taking property from people, under gun threat, without ANY due process.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: An Alabama sheriff and county district attorney’s view

Unfortunately, several special interest groups have pushed a narrative that law enforcement –police, sheriffs and other authorities – are using civil asset forfeiture to unfairly take money and property from innocent Alabamians.

That narrative is false. Law enforcement uses civil asset forfeiture only to go after criminals, and state law already guarantees a process that is clear and fair for any person to challenge forfeiture in court. State law also provides built-in safeguards that protect the property of those who have committed no crime.

What is civil asset forfeiture and why is it necessary?

First and foremost, civil asset forfeiture is a crime-fighting tool. It is used to both deprive criminals of the ill-gotten gains of crimes like drug-dealing and attack the means by which these crimes are committed…..


Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh is president of the Alabama District Attorneys Association. Coffee County Sheriff Dave Sutton is president of the Alabama Sheriffs Association.


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