Dance at the Closed Door

Dance at the closed door


in the first part is the search for reason

wearing a blue

gown not a red


now he moves into the channel

sets the compass

he is barely out of the water (this dark, little, archaic

and vulgar dock)

there is no occasion

there is no movement

outside the line




he must have had some

lyric beat in his heart

not this way

through the water-

falls on the shore

heaving like a salmon

the problem with the art is the fine illustration

the texture had been boldly pronounced

(as his cheeks were red from the chill)

he plunged into the fire and burst came out

of the bowl

series that symbol of that art-

form is diverse



with crushed roots from the bush she nursed him


the spirit

laid down his life would lay down beneath the willow

the vessel is a perfect glaze of blood she will look

through the transom (with the brilliant luster)

laid down the divine pattern

despite the body material

though in technical elaboration of steps

the lady tries to cut

through the roots



nothing bends

he gets the blackish juice on his fingers and wipes them on

her white linen apron

the Greek dance tended to overpass the fundamental limits

of the classical impulses


danced in his own dramas round the tombs it has often

been painted poetry columns

remarks that she would clean and dress his wounds



We must regard the form as Dance or


we still so piled up at the crypt in Hythe and men and

senile ataxy

whether we write

ill or well

to compensate, he adds drama to the ancient retort

a girl is well advised to consider such soundless


crosses her legs

when she sits and keeps her hands away

from her dress

walk in as a flowered meadow

and it is simply the rule in every part of art

the whole of language


as almost every word




not even in the very act of condemning them

phrases peculiarly call counters


in vulgar locution)

the elements of the danced are forced like with the flock

lessly moulds speech how to transcend expresses

gestempelt causes so fit to use

her is tucked underneath her scarf but he can still

imagine the red curls causes a fit use

then there is yet another warning

the immense depth of the river walks on sharp flints.



a vulgar language into the mouth

of physics or out

of a physical


of birds

the knowledge is the programme

aquired a life of their own than that of things tied

original saturated by many colors

of flowers limited by the quality of the name

the flower between two planes has somehow moulded

(or moved strong)

lingers more on one plane than the other



an ornithologist

and when we asked

what tree

they are only

a stage


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