Davos Talks Swirl Around More Social Media Regs

Davos, the meeting of world leaders to discuss the world market (that is, how coercive enterprises can control the world market) is focusing on regulation of tech in various forms, including social media.  A Tech leader says more social media regulation is inevitable, and he appears to welcome the regulations.

Greater regulation of social media ‘inevitable’, Davos told

Greater regulation of social media is “inevitable”, the head of the world’s biggest technology firm has told political and business leaders in Davos.

Speaking as part of a high level panel on the topic ‘In Tech We Trust’, the founder of cloud computing giant Salesforce, Marc Benioff, addressed delegates at the annual World Economic Forum.

He compared parts of his own tech sector to the way banking had been left to run out of control before the global financial crisis and the history of cigarette making, both of which regulators eventually had to rein in.

“In the tech industry, we have been completely clear of those regulations for the entire lifespan of the industry (but) we are seeing signs, especially this year, especially with the elections, especially with social networks, and especially when you see CEOs who abdicate their responsibility and say ‘I didn’t know’,” he said.

Governments had been left with no choice, he said, but to come in and say: “Hey, what’s going on.”

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