Dead Inertia Stood no tide against you

Dead inertia stood no tide against you

this is that slow motion dissolve

the mind peels back layers of what

it perceives and uncovers

that naked black stone

so glaringly obvious against the brilliant flash

of a floor covered with loose emeralds and amethysts

and stretching beneath your feet

we are silently making our way through such

rich grist when

we com upon that cold, black stone

not obsidian

not a black jade

not ebony

a substance less stone as dense as a crushed star

pressing upon the floor so that

slowly a valley begins to form around that stone

and then that valley becomes a great ditch

and the great ditch becomes a gorge

and the gorge becomes a hole

and we are seeing all these evanescent jewels

slide into that hole and be absorbed by that

crushed star until there is nothing left but the idea

of the sky and the earth

swaying in the false moon that shines above us,

the false moon that sets to an implied flame

that idea of sky and earth so quickly dissipating

in the trace of memory that leaves us as we

accustom ourselves to this indefinable grey

a ladder of flames pulled out of the body

like strings of pearls

pulled out of the black gape that does not sing

to love….to love

What we make we soon believe

Lets out the air

and what is there to it

but a catacomb of dust and echoes

there beneath

that surface of life.

We only hold the symbols of light,

we do not put to a torch

such things but move

into some red aura over the cold

blue stones we mostly walk upon

no air…for air defines

our breath but does not

inspire it.

When I am filled with that swift energy

is that the light now entering

from some idea of it…..a distance away,

seemingly unobtainable?

Step into it and you are no longer alone

and all the distance torches in the opal sky

seem close and so obtainable.

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