Dear Dad, I’m Abdicating, Love, Japanese Emperor – HYMHM – April 24th 2019


The Japanese Emperor is stepping down, tragic earthquake in the Philippines and more on today’s Headlines You May Have Missed, Headlines You Don’t WANT To Miss.



Japanese Emperor Reports Abdication to Dead Father One Week Before New Emperor Takes His Place

Here’s the brief deets from Japan Today – Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko visited the tomb of his father, Emperor Hirohito, on the outskirts of Tokyo on Tuesday for an official ceremony to report his upcoming abdication on April 30….The emperor, wearing a morning suit, and the empress, wearing a long dress, offered prayers at the mausoleum during the “Shinetsu no gi” ritual.  Crown Prince Naruhito, 59, who will ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne on May 1, will similarly take part in a number of ceremonies and rituals to mark his succession. | Get the Full Story


  • 11 Dead, Scores Missing After Deadly Quake Levels Philippines Grocery Store

    An earthquake struck the Northern area of the Philippines causing extensive damage throughout the region, with the most devastating damage coming from a supermarket that collapsed during the earthquake, killing tens and trapping scores others. Japan Today – Rescuers found more bodies overnight in the rubble of a supermarket that crashed down in a powerful earthquake that damaged buildings and an airport in the northern Philippines, raising the death toll to 11, officials said Tuesday. | Get the Full Story […]

  • Texas Might Soon Let You Sue Facebook for Blocking You

    Does a Texas bill offer justly disgruntled political targets of Facebook a legal recourse to their injustice, or does it enable the worst of the worst denizens to exploit free speech and drive social media companies trying to be responsible out of business?  That’s what’s being debated in Texas.  From the Texas Tribune, here’s their headline to this story,  Texas bill would allow state to sue social media companies like Facebook and Twitter over free speech. More from the Texas Tribune – A bill before the Texas Senate seeks to prevent social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from censoring users based on their viewpoints. Supporters say it would protect the free exchange of ideas, but critics say the bill contradicts a federal law that allows social media platforms to regulate their own content. | Get the Full Story […]


  • Latest Public Saudi Executions See 37 Terrorists Die, Bodies then Pinned to Poles as Warning

    Al Jazeera – Saudi Arabia executed 37 of its citizens on Tuesday for what it said were “terrorism” related crimes, publicly pinning two of the bodies to a pole as a warning to others.  The individuals were found guilty of attacking security installations with explosives, killing a number of security officers, and cooperating with “enemy organisations” against the interests of the country, the interior ministry said in a statement. | Get the Full Story […]

  • Report Alleges 8 in 10 Women Report Sex Abuse When in Custody of Mexican Police

    El Universal – The most alarming information was provided by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). It reported that 8 in every 10 women arrested in Mexico between 2009 and 2016 were tortured before being presented before a judge. It emphasized that 76% of the victims said the torture took place during the arrest, and the other 65% said that it happened while they were in custody. | Get the Full Story […]

  • Reuters Journalists Lose Myanmar Appeal, Still Face 7 Year Jail Term

    Al Jazeera – Myanmar’s Supreme Court has rejected the appeal of two Reuters news agency reporters sentenced to seven years in jail for breaking the Official Secrets Act, in a landmark case that has raised questions about the country’s transition to democracy.  Wa Lone, 33, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 29, have spent more than 16 months in detention since they were arrested in December 2017 while working on an investigation into the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslim men and boys | Get the Full Story […]

  • Sri Lanka Was Warned in Advance, By Not Only India, But Also the US

    Wall Street Journal (By Way of Small Wars Journal) – Authorities here said an international terror group likely supported an obscure local Islamist group in carrying out a series of bombings that killed at least 321 people on Easter Sunday, weeks after the government had received warnings from the U.S. and India about a possible attack. | Get the Full Story […]




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