The Death of Net Neutrality

Today, February 22nd, 2018, might see the death of net neutrality.  The FCC has set today as the day to officially end the Obama-era regulations in the FCC called “Net Neutrality.”

FCC expected to repeal net neutrality rules on Thursday

The Federal Communication Commission could officially repeal the Obama-era “net neutrality” rules by publishing the order to the National Register on Thursday, according to three sources briefed on the matter, inevitably triggering a wave of opposing lawsuits from state attorneys general.

The National Register is the official journal of U.S. federal government regulations and one source stressed the timing of the FCC‘s publication could shift from tomorrow.

The reversal is a hallmark victory for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, whose tenure has seen him strongly advocate for reduced regulation in lockstep with the president who appointed him, Donald Trump.

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