Defending Your Home from Prevention to Catching the Invader in 8 Easy Steps

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Spyescape and Evasion.

This is about doing some prep work to make your home not only more defensible, but less tempting a target as well.

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8 Steps To Better Home Defense – 12/9/17

Avoid Becoming The Target

A home robbery begins long before burglars actually break-in. Experts in home invasions are not careless.  Most burglars observe and research their victims’ homes before breaking into them.

1 – Showing The Goods

….It’s ok to wear a nice watch or necklace out on the town.  But don’t leave them in plain sight when you are not wearing them.


2 – Deny Entry Routes

A good home defense strategy really starts at the entrance to your property.

Deterring Theft

3 – Make The House Look Occupied, Even When It’s Not

There are many ways to keep a house looking occupied.  It all starts with making sure it doesn’t look abandoned.

4 – Windows and Doors


Short of investing in new windows, there are security measures you can take to secure your existing windows.


Make sure your doors are made from strong materials, otherwise intruders can get in by force.

Home Defense Tools

5 – Home Defense Firearms

Just about any firearm can serve as a home defense firearm.  Some are better than others and some may just be rediculous, but any firearm is better than no firearm.


6 – Pets For Home Defense

Without a doubt, dogs and other pets can be invaluable for home defense.

How to select the right dog for your needs.

How to know that your dog is properly trained.

These articles should not only help you understand the capabilities of dogs, but also how to get properly trained dogs that will really do the job.

Catching The Thieves

7 – Home Security Systems

Home security cameras can play a huge role in your home defense plan.

8 – Video Cameras

It may surprise you just how valuable cameras are in collecting information.



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