Dem Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Lift Ban on Guns on Capital Hill

The shadow representative of the District of Columbia, Eleanor Holmes Norton, has introduced legislation that would end the prohibition on people carrying guns inside the capital.  The legislation is meant to target Republicans who are on the verge of passing a national reciprocity concealed carry law.
I suppose Holmes is hoping the republicans will suddenly fear guns if they think Johnny Average can just walk into the halls of congress, with heat in his pants, so to speak.  It’s a silly gesture, but one worth noting if, for nothing else, the sheer delight of watching gun grabbers panic when it appears the state might actually decide to lengthen the leash of the gun owner, even if there are strings attached.

Dem proposes repealing Capitol gun ban in response to concealed-carry bill

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), the District of Columbia’s nonvoting representative in Congress, is suggesting that Republicans repeal a law prohibiting guns in the Capitol if they want to push legislation allowing concealed-carry reciprocity.

The House is set to consider a package of gun legislation this week that includes a measure to allow people with permits for carrying concealed handguns to do so in any state that allows concealed weapons.

The concealed-carry bill, authored by Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.), is a top legislative priority for the National Rifle Association.

Holmes Norton filed an amendment to the legislation on Monday that would prohibit the measure from taking effect until the law prohibiting guns in the Capitol complex is eliminated.

“I filed my amendment simply to point out the hypocrisy of overriding local laws enacted throughout the United States after assessing local views of risk, while Congress insulates itself by banning guns from the entire Capitol complex,” Holmes Norton said in a statement.

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