Denmark Debates Prosecuting Teens Over Facebook Sex Video

Denmark is prosecuting people who shared a sex video of two teens aged 15 and 16 a few years ago.  The people they are prosecuting were also that age as well.  The nation is not happy with the prosecution.

Denmark split as row over teenage Facebook sex video widens

The two teenagers at the centre of the Facebook sex video case dividing Denmark are deeply unhappy at a police decision to revisit the offence, their lawyer has said.

A video shot without permission of the teenagers engaging in sexual acts at a party three years ago, when both were 15, was shared by Danish teenagers on social media in 2015 and early 2016 before gradually falling out of circulation.

But since 15 January, when police announced that they planned to charge 1,004 of those who shared the video on Facebook for distributing child pornography, interest in the video has surged.

“You could say, ‘Aren’t they happy that the police are finally doing something?’,” Helle Hald, a partner at the Sirius law firm in Copenhagen, said. “Well, no, they’re not at all happy. Of course, this affects the victims because people, once again, are talking about this video. I don’t think any of the rest of us can imagine how awful it is.”

Superintendent Flemming Kjærside, who leads Denmark’s cyber-related sexual offences unit, said: “The most important thing is the victims … They will suffer from this for the rest of their lives.”

The news that teenagers and young adults across 11 of Denmark’s 12 regions and in Greenland face child pornography charges, despite most of them being 15 or 16 at the time they shared the video, received extensive coverage in Denmark and abroad.


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