Discovery of Stone Tools in India Disrupts Out of Africa Theory

Archeologists discover stone tools in India that date to 385,000 years old.  This find creates significant challenges to either the timing of when advanced hominids exited Africa and arrived in India OR it suggests early humans were more advanced than people thought.

Shocking discovery in India stuns scientists

A huge find in India may have tremendous implications as far as our understanding of mankind’s migration out of Africa, and it certainly challenges prevailing theories in the scientific community. Scientists found stone tools that were dated to about 385,000 years ago in the Tamil Nadu region of India.

That is a big deal because current scientific consensus holds that modern humans brought these tools to India less than 140,000 years ago. The tools were found at Attirampakkam, a site near a stream of the Kortallaiyar River where scientists were able to find lots of stone tools from various settlements, perhaps stretching back to colonies of apes that lived there 1.7 million years ago.

If confirmed, it would mean either that humans in India developed stone tools on their own without the help of a more advanced group of hominins migrating out of Africa, or that those early humans migrated out of Africa far earlier than we realized.

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