DJ Khaled has sparked rumors claiming that he injured a horse during his vacation in the Bahamas a week ago. The 41-year-old record producer broke the horse’s back while enjoying his holiday, according to Metro UK. The horse allegedly has to be put down because of injuries it sustained during the ride.

The horse’s trainers were quoted by YYBZ Media as saying, “DJ Khaled said he weighed 200lbs, but out horse’s back determined that was a lie.” The rumors further suggested that the resort Khaled stayed in, One&Only Ocean Club, was forced to kill the horse and the DJ offered to pay for its funeral.

Khaled’s Instagram post confirmed that he indeed rode a horse while vacationing in the Bahamas. He was seen trotting along the beautiful seashore while riding the horse to celebrate the success of his latest album “Grateful”, which bowed atop Billboard 200 chart for two weeks in a row.

While a rep for Khaled called this rumors false, the luxury resort has not yet commented on the allegations.

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Did DJ Khaled Injure a Horse Due to Overweight in the Bahamas?

The ‘I’m the One’ hitmaker reportedly broke a horse’s back due to his overweight during his vacation in Nassau, the Bahamas.

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