Documenting All the DNA of All Life on Planet Earth



A project being run, in part by the Earth BioGenome Project, aims at documenting and sequencing ALL of the DNA of ALL complex life on planet earth.  The project hopes to use this information to aid in making breakthroughs in multiple spheres, including medicine and agriculture.


‘Ambitious’ Earth Biogenome Project Will Seek to Sequence DNA of All Complex Life on the Planet

A global consortium of scientists is proposing a hugely ambitious project to sequence the genomes of all known complex life on Earth.

The enormous initiative will analyze and catalog the DNA of every documented eukaryotic species—a vast group which includes all plants, animals, fungi and other organisms whose cells have a clearly defined nucleus surrounded by a membrane (the domains of bacteria and archaea—single-celled organisms that have no cell nucleus—are not included.)

A working group of 24 interdisciplinary scientists has outlined the reasons for why the initiative—known as the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP)—should go ahead and how it will be achieved in a perspective paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In total, there are 1.5 million eukaryotic species on the planet but only 0.2 percent have had their genomes sequenced. The BioGenome Project has the potential to transform our understanding life on Earth, according to the researchers, and pave the way for new innovations in medicine, agriculture, conservation, technology and genomics, among other fields.


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