Donny Bans Trans From Killing and I DON’T CARE!

President Donald J Trump has taken to the twitterverse to unleash fury targeting men who are girls who are boys (yeah, that stupid Blur song is STILL stuck in my head). Apparently, King Donny has decided that people who may identify as a different gender other than the sex they were born with (yes, gender is actually a social construct, whether you want it to be or not) CANNOT serve in the US Military.
So, this is the conversation that is exploding my precious Facebook feed. But the question I have is this, is this MY conversation? Is THIS even remotely the conversation I care to have. Still, let me play the coercive enterprise advocate and pretend this matters to me. And so it begins…..
Holy LGBTQPRSTUV President BATMAN! I thought the Orange King was supposed to be the most ‘accepting’ and ‘tolerant’ LGBTQPRSTUV President of all time, and AT LEAST among republican Presidents! Well, apparently, he’s got an issue with trans folks willing to pick up a gun, or serve in support of people who pick up guns, drop a bomb or fly a drone loaded with bombs to kill anyone the bigheaded brass boys (and girls now, which is cool) tell them to kill.
Holy Murder! This is so. Depressing. Realizing that trans folks will not be able to carry out the same privilege of killing, or supporting the killers, people who the bigheaded brass boys (and girls) say deserve to get killed is de….pressing. Depressing. I can’t even face myself in the mirror right now because I don’t look all that awesome with tears smearing my eyeliner (yeah, I’m wearing eyeliner now in an effort to not get drafted should Russia decide that Donny isn’t colluding enough with them so they decide to attack one of them bases the Russians RUDELY decided to have a country so close to and the mericans decide they need lots and lots of manpowers).
But seriously folks, what is this ‘debate’ really about? One man with one twitter account created three tweets that fundamentally altered a policy of the United States coercive enterprise security and enforcement branches, the ‘military.’
One man. One tweet. And the world is suddenly on fire. And some transgenders and some LGBTQPRSTUVers and their “allies” are livid. They’re livid that their boys and girls and others are not going to be granted the privilege of being compensated with stolen booty (taxes) to support people who directly kill (or possibly do the killing themselves) the people the bigheaded brassboys (and girls) say need to be killed.
That’s what they’re fighting for. This isn’t about discrimination. This is about the privilege to take my money and fund yourself with it so you can get paid now AND later (in the form of healthcare benefits, student grants, etc). And in exchange, you’re going to either kill or support the people that kill people I don’t necessarily want you to kill.
Why should I give one flying fig (let alone a non-flying fig, and they exist, it’s real, non-flying figs are real) that you got DEPRIVED of the privilege to do these awful things? Why?
This is me when I’m happy. ???? This is me when I’m outraged on your behalf. ???? See any difference?
This ‘conversation’ all of you are having, from within your coercive enterprise paradigm, is so outside the scope of the ‘conversation’ people like me want to have with you that you will find no outrage, no issue, one way or another, with the Orange King’s decree.
“We” have far more of an issue with the fact that with three tweets one man, the Orange King, King Donny, is able to fundamentally affect the lives of millions and millions of people. THAT is a conversation I’d REALLY like to have with you, be you LGTBQPRSTUV, trans, ally, or other.


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