The Double-Edged Sword of Quantum Computers, Encryption

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The quantum computer giveth, and the quantum computer taketh.   While quantum computers offer a secure encrpytion environment for networks built around this technology, they also offer great insecurity for networks built around older technologies, like the blockchain.

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Quantum Computers Threaten Data Encryption

The promise of quantum computing comes with a major downside: “Cryptographically useful” quantum machines will threaten public key encryption used to secure data in the cloud, a new report warns.

The Cloud Security Alliance also found in a report released last week that companies are aware of the growing security risk associated with quantum computing but have so far done little to prepare. Among the reasons are the usual lack of resources and the perception that few if any security solutions exist.

Only 30 percent of those surveyed by the alliance said they were confident that current security approaches would protect encrypted data while another one-third were unaware of defenses. Forty percent of those polled said they are working to “future-proof” data against the quantum computing threat.

The Seattle-based group expects commercial quantum computers to arrive over the next decade. “With this considerable breakthrough will come a significant threat to the security of public key cryptography and the associated challenges of securing the global digital communications infrastructure,” said Bruno Huttner, co-chair of the alliance’s quantum security working group and product manager for a Swiss-based security firm.

Of particular concern is how cloud and infrastructure vendors will secure personal and financial data over time as quantum technologies hit the market. Some “quantum-safe cryptography” approaches have been proposed.

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