Drone Control Being Pushed by DHS, FAA

While everyone is talking about gun control, the Trump administration is talking Drone control.

The Department of Homeland Security (that is, the ‘legalized’ home military that targets its own citizens more often than it does ‘foreign’ threats) wants to be granted the power to kill drones it deems a threat, and the FAA wants a drone registry, with each drone having “the equivalent of a tail number’ in the form of a registered electronic signal.

It’s to protect us from terrorists, so why aren’t you on board with this?

From The Washington Post

US officials pushing for drone identification requirement, new powers for Homeland Security and Justice

Federal officials seeking to expand drone use around the United States said Tuesday they are pushing a pair of security initiatives to deal with what one called “the clueless, the careless and the criminal.”

Federal Aviation Administration officials said they want all, or nearly all, drones to have the electronic equivalent of a tail number that would allow them to be identified from afar. Such a requirement, dubbed “remote identification,” could help public safety authorities differentiate between potential threats and benign flights and make enforcement easier if people break the law, the officials said.

Trump administration officials are also seeking legal changes to give the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department powers to track, disrupt or knock down drones that pose security dangers. That would mirror powers given to the Department of Defense in 2016 and expanded in 2017.

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