Dubai to Use Nanotechnolgy to Fight Fires

Dubai is preparing to use nanotechnology to combat fires, and boldly proclaim that fires will no longer be a problem thanks to the use of this technology.

Dubai Civil Defence to eradicate fire threat with nanotechnology

Fires across Dubai will soon be a thing of the past, according to the emirate’s Civil Defence who are working on implementing nanotechnology in commercial buildings to prevent disasters.

Speaking at a press conference on the details of the Intersec event, which kicks off in Dubai next week, Brig. Rashid Buflasa, director – general assistant for fire and rescue at the Dubai Civil Defence, said he hoped their new technology would be implemented in time for Expo 2020.

The technology is based around a material that is comprised of a solid layer with moisture built inside so when the solid begins to melt in heat, it produces water vapour.

The device will work by stifling the three elements needed to ignite a fire: heat, fuel and oxygen.

He said: “According to our statistics, most fires are electric, like short circuits and poor connections … We’ll fix the nanotechnology inside the sockets, starting with commercial buildings like malls and warehouses, and eventually we’ll go in to residential buildings.”

Brig. Buflasa also said upgrading the police force’s equipment was key to fighting crime and to preserve homeland security, adding that “the private sector will play a major role in providing us with latest tools in the field.”

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