English Off-the-Grid Community Felled by Regulations and Zoning Laws

A community in Dartmoor England is serving as yet another example of the pitfalls of attempting to build outside of the network that the coercive enterprise controls. To put it plainly, people came together and attempted to build and run a community ‘off-grid,’ one that was not dependent on the power grid, or water grid (my term) of the coercive enterprise.
The community was doing just fine until the regulators and zoning inspectors came along, effectively ending the experiment in self-reliant, self-sustaining living.
This is a story that, while it has ended badly, is positive for two very important reasons. The first reason is it shows how more and more people are coming to understand that in order to live more fully the lives of their own choosing, they must disentangle from the systems that wish to prevent them from doing so. The second reason is that it shows others what not to do if they hope to build an off-the-grid community.
These stories of off-the-grid communities running into problems with regulators and zoning inspectors are not new, and they happen all around the world. They show us, increasingly, that a more stealthy approach to off-the-grid living may be needed, or more remote locations need to be selected.

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‘Anger, grief and sadness’ as ‘off the grid’ community is cleared from Dartmoor

An alternative community on Dartmoor is close to vacating its site but has not given up on the land.

In a message to supporters, the Steward Community Woodland says the project will continue on the site near Moretonhampstead in some form.

That can happen because Affinity Woodland Workers Co-operative still owns the land near Moretonhampstead.

“We can continue being guardians of this place with some sort of project happening here,” the green community said in a message posted online.

The community built eight homes and shared facilities including a longhouse, kitchen and bathhouse after buying the 32-acre conifer woods in 1999.

However, the residents lost a series of planning fights for the development, culminating in a failed appeal in 2016 that led to the 12 adults and nine children being ordered to move out by Dartmoor National Park Authority.

The notice came into effect at the start of December last year.

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