Ep2- Pokémon Go and Drone Liberty

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  • iSDaily Wednesday – March 14th, 2018 – Episode 042

    On this episode of iSDaily Wednesday with The One True Niz and Paul Gordon, On NewsFire, the Cattle Car Guide Rally of 2018 On Skynetter, Google Helps Killer Drones On Liberty Tech, Printing Cars in China [...]The post iSDaily Wednesday – March 14th, 2018 – Episode 042 appeared first on iState. […]

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In this first OFFICIAL episode of the NEWLY Named FULL AUTO, Dimitri and Paul will discuss the limits of firepower against drones, as Israel recently discovered. They’ll cover the deadly weapon of choice in ‘gun free’ country zones, the knife, with the stabbings in Japan and France. They’ll look at Governor Moonbeam’s new anti-home-gun law and the real purpose behind it, and See More finally, they’ll end with a message of hope in a story about Pokemon Go and a Conceal Carrier.

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