EU Hard Liner Faces Rebellion from Within over Brexit

It looks like the EU’s chief negotiator is getting blowback from EU cabinet members after he claimed the EU reserves the right to apply sanctions to Britain after Brexit.

EU states rebel against bully-boy Michel Barnier’s Brexit sanction threats

MICHEL Barnier is facing a rebellion from EU states after angering them with his aggressive Brexit demands.

Cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt spoke out against the EU’s chief negotiator to reveal the 27 national members are more “pragmatic” than his hard line.

It also emerged the veteran French politician faced a grilling from the states’ ambassadors on Friday over his threat to slap punishment sanctions on the UK for any transgressions during the post-Brexit transition period.

Brussels sources have claimed Mr Barnier will be forced to drop the sanctions clause from the transition deal, in what would be a humiliating U-turn for him.

One said of the ambassadors’ grilling: “There was a general feeling that something was wrong”.

The threat sparked a major row with Brexit Secretary David Davis last week, who accused his opposite number of acting “in bad faith”.


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