EU Threatens Trade War if US Carries Through with Steel Tariff Threats

The EU, through one of their economy ministry spokespersons, is firing back at the Trump administration after the US hinted at further tariffs targeting steel and aluminum imports.

The EU is threatening counter measures against the US if it goes through with its threats.

This response is making it sound like a trade war is more and more likely, the trade war that the IMF and other ‘experts’ has been saying is not going to happen.

EU will respond if US imposes tariffs on European steel: Germany

The European Union will respond “appropriately” if the U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration decides to impose tariffs on European steel imports, the German economy ministry said on Tuesday.

“We must first wait and see whether and what action the U.S. President will take,” an economy ministry spokeswoman said.

“If U.S. restrictions on our European steel companies actually materialize, the EU will respond appropriately,” she said, adding Berlin was in close contact with the European Commission.

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