Europe’s Rules Stifling Facebook

It seems all of Facebook’s efforts to satisfy the onerous privacy rules of Europe, the GDPR Rules, is failing to hit the mark, according to a study recently conducted by researchers at the University of Madrid.

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GDPR Calling! Facebook Has Personally Identifiable Data on Over 40% of EU Citizens

Facebook has never managed to keep the European Union happy. The company has continued to face multiple lawsuits in the region. Ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules that go into action later this year, the company has started what some are calling a massive PR campaign. However, the social networking giant that has a thing for user data and has time and again disregarded user privacy may face some major battles once these tougher privacy rules go live in the EU.

One research finds that the company currently holds personally identifiable data on over 40% of the overall EU population. “The results of our study reveal that Facebook labels 73% EU users with sensitive interests,” the researchers write. “This corresponds to 40% of the overall EU population.”

The study reveals that this data could be accessed by a malicious third-party for just €0.015 per user who can then unveil their identity based on the data collected by the social network.

…..This study by researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid also revealed (via TNW) that Facebook labels over 73 percent of its EU users with their sensitive personal data. This means that the company can identify nearly 205 million Europeans based on the data it collects, putting their privacy and identity at risk.


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