Everyday Prep with your Vehicle and Your Home

Are you considering the everyday items you have around you today as possible tools for preparing for a SHTF situation?  Two considerations might be what you drive and what you live.

Top 10 Vehicles for Your EMP Survival

…..With a vehicle, on the other hand, you can cover as much ground in half an hour as you can walk in a day. There’s space for a heavy load of supplies and gear. You have the ability to drive out of trouble, especially if the opposition are all on foot. The problem is that modern vehicles aren’t very good at surviving an EMP. They have so many electronic systems that most of them will be totally, and permanently, immobilized. However, if you start looking at older vehicles you’re going to find some excellent choices. Focus on less sophisticated 4wd models and there are some real advantages:

  • Less electronics to go wrong
  • Cheap to buy
  • Simple, easily maintained engines – get a diesel if you can; the fuel will be available for longer
  • More rugged than modern equivalents

The ideal post-EMP vehicle is a diesel pickup or SUV with a stick shift and a carbureted engine. Four wheel drive is an essential, not an option; the roads are going to be jammed with immobilized wrecks, and if you can’t move across country you won’t be going far. Here are the top ten choices for your bug-out vehicle:

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Best Defended Prepper Homes

More and more ordinary Americans are preparing for the end of the world as we know it. According to APN (American Prepper Network), a prepper is someone who takes personal responsibility and self-reliance seriously. Some of us just stockpile food or gather knowledge for the coming SHTF situations while others take it to another level and invest in their homes changing them completely. Here is a list and a short description of the best defended prepper homes in the US.

The dome:

Based in, this fortress has food and energy supplies to last for at least six months. Water is stored in huge underground tanks. Hidden cameras are the ever watchful eyes. Should someone jump the fence, they will get electrocuted. There’s only one lift which only works on a fingerprint identification system. No-one will get bored either; a pool and movie theater forms part of activities.

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