The Evolution of the Myth of the State – Bad Quaker Podcast Excerpt

Ben Stone, aka, the Bad Quaker, in his podcast entitled, “The Beginning of Basics,” outlines the shifting mythological “justification” for the existence of a form of human governance that began with small city-states like Jericho and have evolved to mega nation-states like the USA and the Russian Federation.

That form of human governance goes by many names, one of which includes “the state.”  In this excerpt from “The Beginning of Basics” Ben Stone gives you a cliff note history of the rise of the state and the mythological justifications for the state.

It ends with a call to choose a different path, one that does fundamentally violate the individual.

Be sure you check out the full podcast and Ben Stone’s notes here:

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This article written by myself, Paul Gordon, also relates to this excerpt:

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