Facebook Has a New Way of Reporting on Organic Search

TL:DR The same algorithms used to report paid reach will now be used to measure organic reach.

How Facebook Is Changing the Way It Reports Organic Reach for Page Posts

Facebook revealed a redesign of its Page Insights, which is rolling out globally starting Monday for iOS and Android, as well as a more accurate way for page administrators to gauge the effectiveness of their organic posts.

The social network announced in a blog post that it has historically calculated page posts’ organic reach based on how many times those posts were delivered in News Feed, while for promoted posts to count, they had to have actually entered a user’s screen.

Now, Facebook will deliver page posts’ organic reach using the same methodology as it has for promoted posts, in order to provide more consistent data. For the next few months, the social network will provide a side-by-side view of the old and new ways it reports organic reach in the Page Insights overview section, the Page Insights API (application-programming interface) and in the data it exports.

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