Is Facebook’s Messenger Kids a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Why Facebook’s ‘Messenger Kids’ is bad for kids

Early in the morning of December 4, press started hitting about Facebook‘s new “Messenger Kids” app, an extension of their chat product designed for the under-13 set.

The articles entirely miss Facebook’s twin pernicious underlying goals behind this new product.

This is not an isolated case: Fast CompanyDigital JournalVentureBeatTheWrap and other publications all uncritically accepted Facebook’s narrative.

I’ll get to what’s wrong with Messenger Kids shortly, but let’s start with what the various articles do cover: Messenger Kids creates protected Facebook Messenger accounts for pre-teens where bad words aren’t allowed (a nanny AI is watching) and parents control their kids’ contact lists. This sounds good on the surface: with Messenger Kids, parents can feel safe knowing that their kids won’t be trading messages with strangers or sketchy non-strangers, and parents can also relax knowing that message content won’t be dirty, hurtful or scary.

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