Farage Pushes Ireland to Irexit the EU

Nigel Farage is pushing for Ireland to follow Britain out of the EU orbit, and the Irish globalists do not like it, one bit. Ahead of his scheduled talk at famed Trinity College, in Dublin, Farage is being called a disseminator of “false information.”

The globalist lovers, who seem to value being ruled by Brussels over being self-sovereign, are even scheduling protests during Farage’s speech.

As many of you probably already know, this idea of secession is always one I favor. Watching the Irish globalists lose their ever-loving minds, of course, is just a wonderful treat.

Now Nigel Farage Wants Ireland to Leave the EU

Could Ireland follow the U.K. out of the European Union? More than 18 months after helping win the Brexit referendum, Nigel Farage will be in Dublin to advocate just that.

The former U.K. Independence Party leader will speak at Trinity College Dublin on Friday, followed the next day by a conference advocating Ireland leave the bloc. Both events are stirring up controversy.

Neale Richmond, a senator with the ruling Fine Gael party, last month urged the public “not to engage with the conference or the false information being spun by its organizers.” Protests are being organized for his university appearance. Farage declined to comment.

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