FDA Targets Homeopathy For Greater Regulations

It looks like the FDA may be working on new legislation that does not require a vote by actual legislators (they’re called regulations).

That legislation-through-shadow-governance (regulation) will be targeting homeopathic, or natural remedies.  Yay regulations, right?

From wnd.com

Feds preparing next big power grab: Natural remedies

….the federal government has begun to crack down. The lastest measure is a set of proposed guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration that would begin applying a “risk-based enforcement approach to drug products labeled as homeopathic … consistent with FDA’s risk-based regulatory approaches generally.”

For example, the FDA says it will start watching “vulnerable populations such as infants and children, the elderly and pregnant women” because they may “be at greater risk of harm.”

It also will crack down on “products intended to be used for the prevention or treatment of serious and/or life-threatening disease and conditions” because they could “delay … medical treatments.”

It also will begin deciding what is subject to its enforcement actions and when, although its documentation does concede that the agency simply decided, without corresponding direction from Congress, to make the change. The newest chief of the agency is Scott Gottlieb, but the concern over homeopathy extends back years.

It would go beyond Obamacare by determining even which natural remedies would be allowed without punishment.

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