Fear of Competition May Lead to Statism

Desire to avoid struggle is why people naturally wish to avoid competition. This core human preference, I believe, is more damaging to human freedom than any other core human preference.

It gives legitimacy to violence, force, being used against people who fall into a perceived competitor category.

To some degree, this can be overcome through ideational change.

I believe, overwhelmingly, that changing the reality of power to make it more costly to apply force as a means of competition control will have far more lasting effects on people than ideational persuasion ever could.

People who live in this new reality will change their ideational perspective to give them some degree of insulation between them and the reality that they just don’t have the power to sustain the previous model that allowed them to use force to protect themselves from competition.

It is better to imagine you are willingly participating in a limitation of your own power than to imagine you lack power to do what you truly want to do, use force to destroy competition, even if the competition is not using force, violence, against you.

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