Federal Judge Stops Orange County from Arresting Homeless People

From our Longer Leash files comes news that a Federal Judge has determined that Orange County Sheriffs cannot just go arrest homeless people who have formed camps along the Santa Ana River.

Thank you for your service, Judge Carter.  We always appreciate when our masters extend our leashes and allow us to avoid being arrested for simply trying to exist.

Federal judge blocks county from arresting homeless people who refuse to leave Santa Ana River camps

A federal judge on Tuesday granted a temporary restraining order barring Orange County Sheriff’s deputies from arresting homeless people who refuse to leave encampments along the Santa Ana River.

U.S. District Judge David Carter’s order is related to a lawsuit filed Jan. 29 seeking to halt an ongoing effort to clear homeless people who have set up camp along the river trail and prevent three cities — Anaheim, Costa Mesa and Orange — from enforcing anti-camping, trespassing and loitering laws.

The lawsuit alleges the county and cities have taken actions that forced hundreds of homeless people to move to the riverbed and is now moving to push those people back into cities without plans to provide adequate housing and shelter.

“The court will not allow haphazard, hurried enforcement action in an effort to clear the population …,” Carter wrote in his order.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Orange County Catholic Worker, which provides services to the poor, and seven homeless people who live in encampments along the river, asked the court to block law enforcement from making arrests.

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