Feed the Homeless During Thanksgiving and Get Arrested in Atlanta

No good deed goes unpunished, especially when that good deed upstages the state.  Try to feed the homeless during Thanksgiving and the government might just arrest you.  That’s what happened in Atlanta when activists decided to try and feed the homeless without a freedom license.

Activists Arrested In Atlanta For Feeding Homeless Without A Permit Before Thanksgiving

Atlanta, which is in Fulton County, has long had a policy requiring organizers of such efforts to obtain a permit.

Local authorities have in the past turned a blind eye to the ordinance, though, according to the activist groups including Food Not Bombs that feed the homeless. But last week that changed, of all times right before the American holiday where you are supposed to give thanks and share. Instead, those giving to others in need were arrested for not having a measly piece of paper that authorizes them to hold the food drives and pay the state to do so.

These permits are often costly and are an outrage in that they violently coerce groups into applying for charity toward fellow citizens so they don’t starve to death. But, alas, the state has always used and abused the color of law to be sure they get their cut of whatever they deem to be “illegal.” When it comes to food, however, it is a practice that is particularly inhumane and insane to punish people’s natural inclination to help those in need.

Two activists who were arrested, Adele Maclean and Marlon Kautz, spoke out on the matter to local CBS station WSB-TV in Atlanta.


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