Feminists Revolt Against Paris Sex Doll Brothel

The feminists of Paris are gathering in an angry horde of harpie to challenge the existence of a sex doll brothel. The harpie horde, or horde of harpie (whatever sings in your head), is demanding the brothel be shut down because it’s just too sexual. It is LITERALLY claiming the brothel is degrading to women, even though no woman was actually harmed in the making of this brothel experience.
The odd part of this is it’s not just the feminists, but it’s also the communists who have joined in the fight against the X-dolls, which is the name of the sex bots the sex brothel makes available to paying clients.
So now the commies are against the sexy sexes as well.
The high moral standards of the feminists and the communists are becoming increasingly the same as the high moral standards of the Spanish Inquisition. That should tell you a lot about the nature of both groups.

From Huffington Post

Feminists Demand Paris Sex Doll Brothel Be Shut For Fueling Rape Fantasies

A new Paris brothel featuring sex dolls should be shut down because the lifeless, life-sized silicone partners habituate men to degrade women and fuel rape fantasies, say French feminists.

Owner Joaquin Lousquy, 28, opened the business last month in an apartment in a “discreet” building in a neighborhood in the heart of the city, Paris Match reported.

It features three bedrooms for sex (the “Xdolls” are spray-cleaned and “disinfected” in another room) and a choice among three very expensive sex dolls made in China (Lily, Sofia and Kim). Bookings are made online. Clients have an Xdoll all to themselves for $110 an hour but can pay less for less time. Lousquy said most visitors are “clean” executive-type men ages 30 to 50, and some couples.

The brothel is currently registered as a“game center” to dodge French restrictions. It’s illegal to own or operate a brothel.

But some feminists and Communists in the local Paris Council are blasting the operation as degrading to women. They worry that abusive experiences with sex dolls may carry over into relationships with real women.

Lorraine Questiaux of the feminist group Mouvement du Nid (Nest Movement) called the brothel a “place that makes money from simulating the rape of a woman,” The Telegraph reported.

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