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Darrell shows us on the doll where Facebook touched him in bad places for pointing out that #DivideAndConquer “unity movement” hashtags are a scam to weaponize anyone who’s ever been victimized in any way….which is basically everyone. #MiseryGroupies

Also discussed are Eurorack synths and the communists who love them.

Phil triumphantly returns from sabbatical to drop some hard maths (can you say that on radio?).

MWD tells us how this morning a stranger drugged him and played with his butt while other strangers watched. #MeToo

“It’s a Rape Thing, you wouldn’t understand!!!”

Phil and Darrell introduce themselves to each other, and comment about what it took to become Freedom Feens co-hosts. Their joking about recent co-host purges inspires MWD to join them with his lengthy descriptions of his colonoscopy. The escalating Dape Ratecontinues to rise as they all talk about rebound therapy with a mini trampoline (aka the mini tramp). Richard Spencer’s speech at Florida U inspires a state of emergency by the gov’nah of Florida, things are getting all kinds of Corey Feldmen over there! Redemption is that with all the statistical numbers of ways the State molests people, it’s a wonder the numbers are so low. Phil and Darrell share the warm fuzzies of making friends on the radio. Worms


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