Fifty Cent Becomes Bitcoin Millionaire Thanks to Album, “Animal Ambition”

Fiddy Cent, or 50 Cent if you’re down with the hips (is that what these crazy kids are saying these days?), has found himself in the enviable position of being worth a whole ton of millions more dollars because he casually said he’d accept bitcoin as payment for his album “Animal Ambition” back in 2014.  Turns out a lot of people paid him in Bitcoins, in 2014, and now his bitcoins have become millions of dollars.

Rapper 50 Cent reportedly made millions selling his album for bitcoin

50 Cent looks to have figured out a way to make a killing in the struggling music industry, and it involves everyone’s favorite cryptocurrency.

The rapper, best known for his string of chart-topping hits in the early 2000s, accepted bitcoinas payment for his 2014 album, “Animal Ambition,” according to a report from TMZ. The digital currency was worth roughly $662 a coin back then, and TMZ cited sources as saying 50 Cent was able to rake in 700 bitcoins.

Now that the red-hot cryptocurrency has exploded higher, trading at about $11,300, a 700-bitcoin stash would be worth $7 million to $8.5 million, TMZ calculates.

This wouldn’t be 50 Cent’s first time finding himself in a lucrative investment situation. About a decade ago, he became a minority shareholder and celebrity spokesman for VitaminWater, only to make a whopping $100 million after taxes after its parent company was purchased for $4.1 billion, according to Forbes.

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