Firearms Dealer Holds “Build Your Own AR-15” Classes

Walden Arms in Marshall, Michigan, is showing the US, in part, how to effectively counter the rising Youth-Supremacist-led (with billionaire financing) gun grabber cult.
They’re running an outreach program to people who have not already surrendered to the police-state-enabling gun-fear narrative.
They’ve run a “Build Your Own AR-15” seminar, and it is being met with protests from the gun grabbing, police state enabling, Cattle Car Guides in waiting who can’t fathom why people wouldn’t want to allow only the ‘state’ to have guns.
For the rest of the non-zombies, their efforts do two things, educate people about what AR-15s already are (just a semi-automatic rifle chambered, mostly, in .223/5.56) AND teach people how to build their own liberty, literally, by building their own guns.
If I lived in the area, I would have been all over this awesome, self-reliant-enabling seminar.

From Fox 17

Meeting tonight in support of gun rights; sign up for AR-making class

FW Post 4073 is hosting a public meeting, giving people the chance to learn more about their gun rights and an opportunity to sign up for an event where they can build their own rifle.

The informational meeting is open to the public and is being led by Chris Walden of Walden Arms.

Organizers say their hope for the meeting is break down the stigma of AR rifles….

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Protesters are expected at a Tuesday “Build Your Own AR-15” program held at a veterans post.

But program organizers said any protests would be misguided.

“I would like for them to come in and listen to what this man has to say, and this man can educate them on the process and dispel the rumors,” said Bill Thick, Jr., commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4073 at 800 E. Michigan Ave. in Marshall.

Beginning at 6 p.m., Chris Walden, a Battle Creek gunsmith and firearms instructor, will host the first of several three-hour sessions on gun safety and how to build a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle.

It is the third year that the program has been held at the VFW Post but this year word spread on social media and is creating some attention. The post is renting space for the classes.

W. Jeffrey Wilson, a resident of Marengo Township and a psychology professor at Albion College, said he plans a quiet protest and is asking others to join him.

“I will be there to stand silent vigil and ask people to join me,” Wilson said Monday. “My main objection is that there are too many weapons in circulation and these have been the weapons of choice in mass shootings.

“I recognize they are legal and have the right to do it, it’s just that we have enough weapons,” he said.

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