Firefox To Block “Fake News” Sites from Browser, What Could Go Wrong?

The latest effort by yet another major internet gateway, this time Mozilla Firefox, reveals how entrenched collectivist, patronizing thinking is in Silicon Valley.  Mozilla Firefox fancies it can determine better than you and I what “fake news” is, so it will protect you from sites it deems as being fake news by blocking them from showing up in their browser.
To be sure, the effort by these corporate entities to provide what they THINK will be the kind of product their customers and (in the case of Mozilla) their product (the audience) wants may very well end up create new opportunities for other businesses that have not been infected by the “we know better than you and we will protect you from yourself” bug.

Mozilla, the non-profit organization which runs the Firefox internet browser, said Wednesday it was launching an effort against “fake news,” as fact-checking software backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and George Soros got its first run-out in public to shape our Orwellian nightmare of future truth arbiters.

Mozilla said it was “investing in people, programs and projects” in a new initiative to “disrupt misinformation online” calling for a “Mozilla Information Trust Initiative,” or MITI for short, Business Insider reported.

They further stated the “internet’s ability to power democratic society suffers greatly” because of fabricated stories, such as the “Pope endorsing Donald Trump for the U.S. presidency” or a “dead FBI agent killed in a mysterious fire with information on former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton” – just two examples of stories that turned out to be bogus.

Mozilla’s innovations director, Katharina Borchert, told AFP that the organization was working on tools for Firefox and better online education with media groups, universities, and tech activists.

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