Florida Man Faces Congress After ALLEGEDLY Making 97 Million Robocalls

A Miami man stands accused of being the robocall King of Florida, possibly the world. His name is Adrian Abramovich,. He denies the title of “kingpin of robocalling,” even as he stands accused of generating over 97 million robocalls.
What could possibly be the reason for conducting robocalls? Well, apparently, he ALLEGEDLY was offering fake travel deals. Makes sense. You gotta get them numbers up, don’t be a rookie. And this guy, if the allegations are true, is DEFINITELY no rookie.
He faces a potential $120 million fine, which, in common parlance, is a crapload of money.
He appeared before US Senators at the Federal Communications Commission where he received a trophy and a gift card to a local T-Mobile store. That last part may have been made up,
For their part, the “see-a-problem, regulate-a-problem” sociopathic trolls that are “lawmakers,” seem ready to respond to this robocall crisis by looking into passing laws to hold the carriers responsible for the violations of others.

From Bloomberg.com

A Florida Man Has been Accused of Making 97 Million Robocalls

A Florida man accused of flooding consumers with 97 million phone calls touting fake travel deals appeared Wednesday before lawmakers to explain how robocalls work and to say, “I am not the kingpin of robocalling that is alleged.”

Adrian Abramovich, of Miami, who is fighting a proposed $120 million fine, told senators that open-source software lets operators make thousands of phone calls with the click of a button, in combination with cloud-based computing and “the right long distance company.”

“Clearly regulation needs to address the carriers and providers and require the major carriers to detect robocalls activity,” Abramovich said in testimony submitted in advance to the Senate Commerce Committee. He has asked the Federal Communications Commission to reduce the fine proposed last year, calling it disproportionate, in part because most calls went unanswered or resulted in a quick hang-up by consumers.

The panel’s chairman, Senator John Thune, a South Dakota Republican, called Abamovich and officials from the FCC and other agencies to discuss ways to stop abusive calls. The intrusive and annoying ringing is a leading source of consumer frustration, with the Federal Trade Commission logging more more than 4.5 million robocall complaints.

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