Florida Man Pulls Over Cop on Beer that Made the Incas – Lulzilla – April 23rd 2019

Don’t Fake Cop a Cop, and don’t underestimate the power of beer to civilization.  These stories will lead us off on today’s Lulzilla.




Florida man pretended to be a cop, police say. He was arrested after trying to pull over a real detective

One night, a man was driving down the road, minding his own business.  He was in Florida, so he knew, yeah, I better be on the watch out for Florida Man.
He drove, calmly, certainly, until suddenly there were sirens.  He knew what sirens were because, well, he was a cop.  He was a detective, so he didn’t drive around in a marked vehicle.
The sirens kept going, so our Detective pulls over and is greeted by Officer Matthew Joseph Erris, aka Florida Man.  Officer Erris supplied his ID to our detective, who recognized a Florida man moment when he saw it, and promptly arrested the faux officer on the spot.

At least Florida man, Officer Erris, wasn’t packing real heat.  All the detective found in his car was an airsoft pistol.  This, somehow, seems fitting. | Get the Full Story


  • Before there Were Incas, There was Beertopia

    Constant Flow Of Beer Kept The Pre-Incan Wari Culture Stable For Half A Millennia, New Study Suggests. Researchers believe that a focus on brewing, sharing, and hosting beer-centric festivities was integral to the ancient Wari culture’s social stability for 500 years.  –  All That’s Interesting | Get the Full Story […]

  • Wanted: Man Who Stole Chainsaw By Sticking It In His Pants

    …..a thief in Fresno, California, on Wednesday afternoon (tried to steal a chainsaw) from an equipment store, according to The Fresno Bee.  Surveillance video shows a man shoving the chainsaw into his pants and using his jacket to cover the engine assembly.  The suspect drove off in a silver late-1990s Ram pickup truck, according to the paper. The store’s owner, Jeff Bennett, said he believes an accomplice was watching the location last week.  –  Huffpost | Get the Full Story […]

  • FINALLY, That Swastika Acre is Going to Get a Name Change

    A Colorado city has voted to drop the name “Swastika Acres” from a subdivision.  KDVR-TV reports the Cherry Hills Village City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a name change to “Old Cherry Hills” to prevent future controversy.  –  KDVR- TV | Get the Full Story […]

  • Easter Bunny Just Threw Down in the Streets of Orlando

    In what is probably downtown Orlando’s weirdest fight yet, someone dressed as the Easter Bunny ran into an ongoing brawl and beat up a man on Orange Avenue Sunday.  – Orlando Weekly | Get the Full Story […]