Ford Pushes Forward with Robot Cop Cars

If you wanted a reason to stop driving Fords, or at least never buy a new Ford ever again, here’s a pretty good one.

Ford is aggressively working on developing self-driving police cars that could patrol the roads, looking for booty for police departments in the form of tickets for traffic violations.

Any company working on developing robot-driven road pirates is worthy of boycott, in my opinion.  So, Ford, goodbye.

While Ford has invented a First-Gen AI Autonomous Cop Car, you have to wonder how Far this Technology could go in …

Looking a little further out Ford Global Technologies foresees autonomous Police vehicles and their patent on this surfaced last month. Our report takes a peek at what it’s all about.

Ford notes in their patent filing background that the advent and continuous development of driver assistance systems enhance and automate the driving process for safety and improved user experience. One example is autonomous vehicles, which can sense the environment and surrounding areas to navigate without human input. While autonomous vehicles can and will be programmed to obey traffic laws, a human driver can override that programming to control and operate the vehicle at any time. When a vehicle is under the control of a human driver there is a possibility of violation of traffic laws. Thus, there will still be a need to police traffic.

Ford’s invention covers automotive vehicles and, more particularly, to autonomous police vehicles.

Ford later notes that “Routine police tasks, such as issuing tickets for speeding or failure to stop at a stop sign, can be automated so that human police officers can perform tasks that cannot be automated. Accordingly, the present invention describes autonomous police vehicles that can, on behalf of human police officers, perform automated tasks such as enforcing traffic laws and issuing tickets/citations to drivers that violate the traffic laws.”




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