The Forever 72-Hour Storage Kit

Food Storage Moms has a list of supplies for your 72-hour kit that will “last forever.”  Be sure you click on the link to get the list.

How To Make 72-Hour Kits That Will Last Forever

I have a list of the items in each bag so I never have to open and sort through my 72-hour kits ever again. Done. Period. I have a tag on each bag that has our name, a reminder to grab the water, our dog 72-hour kits, our daily prescriptions, and emergency binder with all of our important documents. I have timed it, it will take exactly 2 minutes to grab our 72-hour kits, the dogs’ kits, water, food and emergency binder. Easy peasy.  Again, please note, I have a tag attached to the bags to remind me what to grab.

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