machete attackWR (Bill) Collier JR – Nazareth Restaurant and Deli, a Mediterranean eatery, in Columbus, Ohio, was the scene of a machete attack, according to witnesses and police, on the night of the 11th of February (Thursday), 2016. The attacker came in and started hitting, and evidently hacking at, another patron in what appeared to be a fight, and then walked through the restaurant hacking at people and hitting them randomly, before eventually fleeing the scene.

The suspect, name not yet released, then led police on a vehicle chase before being shot and killed. The FBI was called in to the scene to investigate, leaving many to wonder WHY the FBI would be involved in such a case at all- speculation of possible terroristic or organized crime links started as soon as details became known, but so far officials have been mum on the details.

Four people were taken to the hospital due to injuries and all are expected to survive, though neither extent of their injuries not the number of injured who did not go to the hospital has been released.